Neck, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist Complex


This Complex system is closely related with each other because 'Brachial Plexus' (Nerves controlling arm) is branching out of the nerves of Neck.


For example, if you have lower neck stiffness, tight muscles will compress your spine leading to narrowed space for nerves going to your arm. It can create strange sensation or weakness in your arm or hand. 

In addition, poor posture in your back and neck gives biomechanical disadvantage on your shoulders with more stress. Also, decreased range of motion of your shoulder can bring about more stress on your ligament of elbow while doing overhead activities. 

Thus, on the first exam, we need to assess biomechanics of your joint and the relationship between each body parts in this complex system to make successful treatment plan.

Select the information depending on your condition

If you have strange sensation or weakness in your arm or hand, and want to know where it comes from?

If you have a neck pain shooting down to your shoulder, arm or hand (We call it 'Cervical Radiculopathy')

If you have any types of shoulder pain (e.g. impingement, labrum tear, rotator cuff tear, AC joint pain)

If you are diagnosed with 'Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS)' - hand pain, numbness or weird sensation

If you have a poor posture with Rounded Shoulder and Want to improve it.

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