Pelvis - Hip - Knee - Ankle Complex

Pelvic complex has an important role in human body. It supports the column of your body, spine, encompassing the organs in the abdomen. It also transmits body weight and the rebounding forces from the ground through the hip bones.

Most of people have some degree of unevenness in pelvis and hip alignment. If this imbalance is getting worse, people begin to feel increased discomfort due to joint stiffness and muscle tightness.

Finding out the cause of body imbalance through checking alignment, myofascial tightness and joint range of motion is the key to success in treatment.

When I see the mirror, my pelvis seems uneven with my body leaning one side. 

Is there a way to check it by myself? How does pelvis imbalance affect the body?

Sacroiliac Joint Pain Solution

(If you have a pain in the back of your pelvis around the protruded bones)

When I try to run or walk long distance, my knee hurts with pulling sensation around my knee cap. What is the problem and how to release it?

Is there a good exercise program to restore muscle balance around pelvis?

My Hip flexor muscles (Psoas muscle) keep getting tight after long time sitting. Can you demonstrate the best stretches for this groin muscle?

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