[Step 1] Local Muscle Trigger Point Therapy & Scar Tissue Release


Decrease Direct Cause of Pain, Increase Joint Flexibility and Muscle Strength


[Step 2] Deep Tissue MyoFascia Release in Trunk


Restoring Diaphragm Function, Decrease Body Tension, Improve Circulation


[Step 3] Spine Adjustment with Biostructure Correction


Body Alignment Correction, activate joint/muscle receptors, improve exercise efficiency


[Step 4] Habitual Pattern Correction Program


Modify your pattern of movement that has been causing body imbalance


[Step 5] Core Strengthening with Dynamic Peripheral Movement


Improved core strength enhances total body control and functional performance


[Step 6] Dynamic Functional Movement


Improve stability, balance and power in your functional movement


* This protocol is not always sequentially applied. Especially steps from 1 to 4 can be utilized as a combination in the early stage.








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